oh my, summer 2009

a video i did with the material i filmed with my flip camcorder. i tried to make it look like super8 material, cause i think that it’s kind of cool. of course there is no widescreen super 8, but, does it matter. :) sadly i deleted some clips by accident, so it is missing my croatia vacation. not good at all!
enjoy and feel free to comment on the video if you like it at my youtube channel!

Make sure to watch it in HD, it’s worth it!

new in look - signs

I just added a new gallery in the “look” section called signs. It is a collection of signs, I photographed between 2003 and 2004. Not too much to see, but still interesing, if you like streetsigns ans similar signs. You can take a look at this gallery here.

Margareten Panorama Schikaneder


I used to live around the corner of the Schikaneder, which was like a second living room to me. It is always stuffed with people and they had a small Movie Theater with really cool Movies adjacent to it. It had fun times in this bar and a lot of times toooo much to drink.  Now I live somewhere else and I am not at this bar anymore (which is kind of stupid, cause by bike it only takes me 15 minutes to be there). Well sometimes I still kind of go there. But I used to go by the Schick, whenever I went to my shitty workplace, where I am luckly not employed anymore. I rather stay unemployed, than work there for an other day.

Vincent - Teaser 1996

Thirteen years ago I stared in a movie called Vincent written, produced, directed and edited by Valentin Spirik a good friend of mine. It is a story about a young adult (played by awesome me), who falls in love with an other guy, who is in love with an other girl, who kinda looks like a boy. Got it, ok?

The movie was produced with an ultra low budget and still costed Valentin a fortune. It premiered at the Filmcasino, one of my favorite Viennese movie theaters.

You can also watch more of Valentin Spiriks work here, or you can download the whole movie under creative commons licence -here- encoded as h.264 quicktime movie.

“look” or something new in the top row

dsc_2096jpg.jpgI just added a new page called look. This will hold picture galleries of any kind, when ever I am in the mood to put some up! I am not really a photographer, this will be more kind of snapshot thingies. But who cares, right? You can watch them but you can also leave it.

This Prater photo session happened in 2005, when I was bored and was on  a little bike ride, because I do love my bike (bicycle that is!). You can see the gallery here. Hve fun, or well…

Hello world, or whatever!?

This is my first blog and I feel a little strange doing this. But like I said in the heading, whatever. Don’t you wonder, reading and seeing strange thinks on this page, for I don’t really know, why I and what to post here?! I am a native german speaker (Ich spreche Deutsch, verdammt noch mal!) and I am from one of this Umlaut (ä, ö, ü) Countries, but not Germany for godsakes. I am writing this post in the middle of the night, instead of doing, what I am supposed to do, to earn some money. I am gonna stop right now and get back to my REAL work.

This page is still under construction, so don’t you wonder!