new in look - signs

I just added a new gallery in the “look” section called signs. It is a collection of signs, I photographed between 2003 and 2004. Not too much to see, but still interesing, if you like streetsigns ans similar signs. You can take a look at this gallery here.

email option “contact”

I you really really really feel the urge to send me an email, than I have really good news for you: I just opened a new page called contact. You can send me an email, if you want to. But warning, because I am a really lazy guy!

Send Form is here.

“look” or something new in the top row

dsc_2096jpg.jpgI just added a new page called look. This will hold picture galleries of any kind, when ever I am in the mood to put some up! I am not really a photographer, this will be more kind of snapshot thingies. But who cares, right? You can watch them but you can also leave it.

This Prater photo session happened in 2005, when I was bored and was on  a little bike ride, because I do love my bike (bicycle that is!). You can see the gallery here. Hve fun, or well…

Hello world, or whatever!?

This is my first blog and I feel a little strange doing this. But like I said in the heading, whatever. Don’t you wonder, reading and seeing strange thinks on this page, for I don’t really know, why I and what to post here?! I am a native german speaker (Ich spreche Deutsch, verdammt noch mal!) and I am from one of this Umlaut (ä, ö, ü) Countries, but not Germany for godsakes. I am writing this post in the middle of the night, instead of doing, what I am supposed to do, to earn some money. I am gonna stop right now and get back to my REAL work.

This page is still under construction, so don’t you wonder!