PomplamooseMusic covering Single Ladies - Beyonce

the most beloved cover version of beyonce’s – single ladies. much better than the original one and much better played and better thought of. i am in love with cover versions and this one just made my day! and i am truely in love with the singer. most beautiful eyes in the world. marry me! me! me! me!
make sure to go to their youtube channel and subscribe if you have an account that is.

Make sure to watch it in HD!

the french are going english

france is a country, very proud of it’s culture and very proud of it’s french language. so most music coming from france like hiphop, rock, chanson is naturally sung in french. but lately I found out with amazement that there is an upcoming of young french musicians singing in english. that is not only kind a cool it is also really cute, because the french accent in english is, unlike the hard and unfriendly german one, very very charming.
in this post I present two videos by the band coming soon and one solo of their drummer leó bear creek, who had big cooperation with kimya dawson in a band called antsy pants, who made into the soundtrack of the movie juno by jason reitman.

SORRY ABOUT THE TERMINATOR TRAILER, I have no idea what dailymotion was thinking!